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Sparckel daylight lamp

Healthy living & successful working

Sparckel is not just a daylight lamp, but a powerful dynamic. It has a proven positive effect on your sleep, energy and mood. With all its consequences!

Sparckel at RTL news

On 24 October 2019, Sparckel was featured on RTL news.

Experts are concerned. We see far too little daylight. This can lead to all sorts of health problems. Daylight affects your mood and your biological clock.


Knowledge & Science

Our idea did not come about overnight. Knowledge was gained in consultation with Philips research, Ned. Foundation for Lighting Science, knowledge centre Vilans, TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute, Fontys and the Lighting Design Academy. We have been pioneering for years by translating all that scientific knowledge into maximum health benefits for people. We get satisfaction from that! Both young and old, healthy and unhealthy, everyone can benefit.

The Sparckel light really works, scientifically proven. At Nationale Nederlanden, research was conducted by Chrono@Work affiliated with Groningen University. Significantly increased people's performance in the office during the day and sleep quality at night.

At GGzEindhoven, scientific research was conducted by Tranzo, as part of Tilburg University. The significant results so valuable that it earned a publication in the renowned Elsevier Science. People with dementia sleep on average 87 minutes longer per night, get out of bed half as often at night and are more awake during the day.

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Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for on your table and desk, Bright Brenda for on the floor and Sunny Susan for on the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light anywhere!

Sparckel in practice

Weebers Real Estate Lawyers Eindhoven
Weebers Real Estate Lawyers EindhovenHanneke van Gorp
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I really like the light of Sparckel and I notice the difference when the light is not on. Then I miss it. Sparckel really supports. When you're going through a rough patch, the light helps you boost your energy levels. Sparckel provides support just when you need it.
Company report Sparckel
Company report Sparckel RTL Z
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RTL Z made a company report about Sparckel.

You can view it here: Reportage RTL Z
Project developer EDGE Technologies Amsterdam
Project developer EDGE Technologies AmsterdamVivian van Kesteren
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I notice that I feel mentally fitter and clearer in my head, so that I can get more work done. My colleagues also notice a real difference in the light level with the bluish light. The curve of Sparckel means that we can work longer and more focused at the end of the afternoon.
HTCE Site Management Eindhoven
HTCE Site Management EindhovenIngelou Stol
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In the Marketing & Communications team at HTCE Site Management, we have the 'Bright Brenda' lamp in our office. We notice that we feel better when the lamp is on. We no longer have any dips throughout the day. Sparckel definitely has a positive influence on people's energy levels.
Zuyderland Glana Geleen
Zuyderland Glana GeleenAnnemiek Baggen
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We have made observations to measure the effects of the Sparckels. We have noticed several positive changes since the use of Sparckel. In general, we have noticed that our clients are more friendly, approachable and energetic. We have noticed that our clients are sleeping better.

Design down to
the smallest details

Healthy light for indoors. That's us in a nutshell. Sparckel is the first freestanding dynamic light system that with the help of smart tech makes sure that you have all day long healthy light gets. 

State-of-the-art LED technology, Dutch design and ease of operation elegantly come together to effectively control your biological clock. An enrichment for your interior and lifestyle.

Why is healthy light important?

We are happy to share our knowledge about the importance of healthy light and how healthy light can help you feel more energetic and better!

Our customers tell their experiences. We have news about the field and opinion pieces. Enjoy reading!

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Sparckel is located in the light city of Eindhoven. Be welcome for a light boost and a cup of coffee. Please let us know you are coming!

You can also experience Sparckel at:

Lensen Projectintrichters at Zaltbommel / Vegro in Groningen & Lisse / Techniek zorg academie at Enschede / Omring at Hoorn / Kleurmerk in Renkum / Innovation centre Imagine in Breda / Workplace Vitality Hub in Eindhoven.