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A vital, sparkling and inspiring workplace where people focus more on their work.

This is what Sparckel does to an office through dynamic daylight. Spaces where people are easily distracted turn into a workspace where people can concentrate with more energy.

With Sparckel, it is nice to come to the office, a bright space where it does not feel like autumn but spring. After all the working from home, it is pleasant for employees to be in the office with a homely feeling. Home workers are enticed back to the office!

Besides cooled and clean air, good coffee, stable internet, ergonomic furniture, reduced noise overstimulation and the presence of colleagues to confer with, it is great to be in a brightly lit office where there is an active atmosphere and where one can work productively. That is what Sparckel is all about.

Are you redecorating or in the process of redecorating the office?

Then three zones are often taken into account:

  • A lounge area with a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.
  • A consultation zone, this is often where project-based work takes place with regular high-intensity consultations. Naturally, it is useful when everyone is awake and sharp to be able to spar with a creative edge, so that that brilliant idea comes just that little bit quicker. Daylight plays a role here; it makes you more energetic and responds to your mood.
  • Flex-workstations, here too high productivity is useful to get work done quickly and well. Bluish light helps to work with full concentration, high alertness and with a positive mood. In fact, dynamic daylight from Sparckel also plays on people's mood.

So with Sparckel, you'll get through the day happier, more productive, with more concentration and vitality! Who wouldn't want this in the workplace?

After all, light not only plays on energy and concentration but also on better sleep and health. What are you waiting for? Get Sparckel into the office now, this will make everyone happier.

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