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The light that makes you feel alive

That's Sparckel! We are a pioneering and innovative company that has successfully developed the world's first plug-and-play dynamic daylight. Why? Because we love to make you feel alive!

Born from a drive for health

My grandfather suffered from dementia and, as a child, I saw that he - like fellow sufferers - suffered huge losses in quality of life. That made me care. Later, I read that there is strong scientific evidence that sufficient daylight can help with functional limitations of dementia. Since then, I have been captivated by the effect of healthy light. We developed an intelligent luminaire that emulates the power of natural daylight. 

That is what Sparckel has become. A passion that combines my long experience with light, marketing and technology with a personal drive for health. It is so valuable to be able to do something good for dementia, burn out and depression with 'light as medicine, without side effects'. 

I predict that this kind of light will become an integral part of our daily lives. Besides clean light and adequate exercise, people need daylight. It is proven to make you healthy and happy! 

Feel alive.

- Maarten Voorhuis

Reportage Sparckel & healthy light

Sufficient healthy light restores the rhythm of your biological clock. Light is expressed in lux. We need 1,000 lux during the day, which is roughly 4 times more than we get at the office and 10 times more than at home. In the evening, we need light that is warm and amber, like a setting sun. At night, darkness is important.

(Report RTL Z 04-11-19 )

We are looking for international sales!

Healthy light is hot & happening: the market is becoming aware of problems due to a disrupted biological clock. We want to help more people.

Sparckel is successful in the Netherlands. The time has come to move on to Europe. That is why we are looking for a mature partner, with solid sales channels in healthy living and working. Are you interested? 

The ideology, the adventure and the biological clock have made the news. And, regularly we get 'life-changing' feedback that gives goose bumps. Because, the real-life stories of life improvement are real. Do you want to pay attention to them? We are happy to work with you, of course. 

We have stories and high res pictures about what customers are saying. Input on the scientific research done and more.

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