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Biodynamic lighting for care

Restless night shifts in care facilities due to sputtering or emotional residents in the night. A well-known problem among care workers. For example, elderly residents may be dozing off during the day, but are extremely restless at night. Why is this? Lighting can be an important cause. We often opt for 'cosy', warm and dim lighting in living rooms in care institutions. But this means that residents receive far too little bright light during the day, which disturbs their biological clock and therefore their sleep rhythm. With biodynamic lighting for the care Sparckel makes patients more active during the day and allows them to sleep well at night.

How does biodynamic lighting work in healthcare?

To see the effects of biodynamic lighting in the careAll you have to do is try it out. And that's what we did. For example, we experimented with our daylight lamps at the Wilhelmina van Sonsbeeck care home in Zwolle. Many elderly people with dementia live in this residential group. More than half of the residents there woke up every night, were restless and it was impossible for care workers to get them back into bed properly. The experiment had astonishing effects: the residents were more alert during the day, and slept well through the night. Nocturnal agitation decreased by up to 60 per cent.

How do the daylight lamps of Sparckel do it? When you sit inside in 'cosy' light, your eyes receive light of only about 250 lux. But in order for your biological clock to know that it is daytime, you need a lot stronger light on your eyes. If not, the sleep hormone becomes active far too early. This is particularly important for older people, whose eyes are often poorer, who certainly need around 1,000 lux. The lamps of Sparckel give your eyes that 1,000 lux. The biodynamic effect ensures that the lamp moves with the rhythm of a sunny spring day. This way, patients get enough daylight during the day, the rhythm of their biological clock is restored and they can sleep better at night.

Daylight lamp for table or desk Jolly James gives more energy

About Sparckel

Sparckel was born out of a mission to bring to light the significant effect of daylight on health. Founder Maarten Voorhuis saw how his grandfather, who was suffering from dementia, was losing much of his quality of life due to his illness. After much research, he discovered the strong evidence that daylight can help with the limitations of dementia. This became the passion behind his goal to create a smart daylight lamp that contributes to health. Sparckel is the light that makes you feel alive. We want everyone to benefit from the positive effects of sufficient daylight. We are a pioneer in the field of biodynamic lightingincluding for the care sector. So patients and residents can enjoy a feeling of spring all year round!

Sparckel for your healthcare facility

Do you want to know more about how biodynamic lighting in the care can be a positive addition to a care environment? Read more about the effect of Sparckel and dynamic daylight here. Browse our collection and choose the daylight lamp that suits the needs of your patients or residents. In addition to purchasing individual luminaires, you can also opt for Sparckel as a service. The lamps from Sparckel can be rented so that you can benefit more quickly from healthy daylight in your care facility. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities for care facilities.

Do you want to biodynamic lighting buy? View our collection or contact us for more information. Would you like to know more about dynamic daylight? Read how it works here.

Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for your desk, Bright Brenda for the floor and Sunny Susan for the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light everywhere!