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Biodynamic lighting of Sparckel

Sparckel gives innovative, biodynamic lighting so that you get enough daylight every day. A good daylight rhythm is essential for your health and mental state. The amount of daylight you get has an effect on your biological clock. With biodynamic lighting Sparckel allows you to make sure you get enough daylight, which has a positive effect on your energy level, mood and sleep rhythm. Just plug it in and Sparckel will give you the light of the sun all day long, but inside. So you can have a spring feeling all year round!

Daylight lamp Sparckel

Solve your light shortage

Research shows that most people experience a light deficiency on a daily basis. We spend about 90 per cent of our time indoors, which disrupts our biological clock. This upsets the system: your sleep hormone gets the chance to become active during the day. You feel sluggish, lifeless or moody. You sleep worse, are tired quickly or wake up far too early. A bad sleep rhythm also leads to an increased risk of brain diseases, depression, burn-out, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

With biodynamic lighting you can make sure that your eyes do take in enough daylight. Daylight from outside is brought in. Your sleep hormone is suppressed at the right times, so you are not suddenly sleepy in the middle of the day. Your biological clock recovers, and you sleep better at night. Sufficient daylight contributes to your health, as well as improving your productivity and mood during the day.

Follow your biological clock

You can Buy Biodynamic Lighting from Sparckel to restore your daylight rhythm. Our lamps have a built-in rhythm so that you absorb the right amount of daylight at the right time. Here's how it works: The light outside has a strength of 10,000 to 100,000 lux. Inside, the light strength is only about 500 lux, of which often only 250 lux actually reaches your eyes. You can see well, but still there is 'biological darkness'. Your biological clock thinks it is already dark, so your sleep hormone is activated too early.

The biodynamic lighting of Sparckel provides light with a strength of around 1,000 lux. That's a big improvement over 250 lux. This amount of extra daylight gives you extra energy and sharpness in a day, about 12 percent extra performance. Our lighting is biodynamic, which means that our lamps follow the rhythm of your biological clock. From a bluish morning light to a warm sunset. So you always get the right daylight!

Buy biodynamic lighting

Sparckel is the light that makes you feel alive. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can enjoy sufficient daylight every day. We are a pioneer in the field of biodynamic lighting for offices, healthcare facilities and simply for the home. With our passion for technology and health, we want to bring the positive effect of daylight to you.

Do you want to biodynamic lighting buy? View our collection or contact us for more information. Would you like to know more about dynamic daylight? Read how it works here.

Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for your desk, Bright Brenda for the floor and Sunny Susan for the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light everywhere!