Bright Brenda

For the floor, in black and white.

Meet Bright Brenda


Excluding VAT

Designed as a floor lamp, Bright Brenda provides 1,000 lux of vertical light, making you more productive at work, happier and sleeping much better at night. 

  • Delivery time is 7 to 21 days, if in stock.  
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Any returns are at your own expense*. 

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For every interior

The high-quality design of Bright Brenda ensures that this model fits into any interior. Rounded corners, the best quality and a solid look & feel ensure a luxurious appearance.

Healthy light inside

Not just any daylight lamp, but a biodynamic one. That means that Sparckel ensures that you get the right amount of light at any time of day. Essential in an age where we spend more time indoors than out. 

How it works

Sparckel is dynamic daylight. That means that you plug it in and then enjoy the sun all day long, but inside. But you can also operate it yourself using the control ring. A positive effect on your energy level, your mood and your sleeping behaviour. With all the consequences!

Technical specifications

Maximum effect on your health with as little extra energy as possible: energy label A! Sparckel can run all day with you. Want to know more about the technical specs? Download the datasheet!

Bright Brenda

Light as a service

We are striving for a more vital Netherlands and light is a major player in this. That is why we offer Sparckel as a service. For as little as €10 per person per month, you can have a Sparckel on your work floor. For yourself, your colleagues or your clients! Please contact us for more information.