In the elderly careFor clients, Sparckel improves sleep, vitality, social behaviour, vision and mood. This reduces the burden on carers.

Source: Tilburg University, Tranzo. Implemented at GGz Eindhoven. Publication Elsevier Science.

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What our customers say

In summary, our clients tell us that the residents can see better. They are better able to read and to pursue hobbies such as painting. A lady starts to make her own jam sandwich again. An underweight gentleman is gaining weight again. And, that restless person finally sits down again. Someone who could not finish his room is back among the people. The mood of both residents and staff improves. In the evening, residents feel a natural urge to go to sleep. With more peace and quiet, the residents go to their bedroom one by one. The ward is quiet at night because the residents sleep deeper and longer. Night-time wanderers are halved, so there are fewer falls. The night shift is less tiring for carers. The residents are easier to handle and more pleasant to be around. In the morning, we are more rested and vital.

We help your organisation with:

  • Een kennismaking: de basis van Licht, de Mens, gezond licht Techniek, Wetenschap & gratis gezonde tips!
  • A more comprehensive workshop for support and knowledge sharing,
  • Services to measure or calculate your lighting quality,
  • Want to try out a Sparckel demonstration?

An implementation is easy and the investment favourable.

Usually, three Sparckels go into a living room, movable or to be hung up by the in-house technical department.

We offer "light as a service".

Existing customers are:

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