Maas & Hagoort and Sparckel join forces

As a supplier of solutions within lighting projects, Maas & Hagoort unburdens its partners within the installation sector: "The common goal with our partners is to add value and quality for the end users of the many lighting projects. Innovations such as biodynamic lighting play an important role in this", explains Willem-Jan Zwemer, Commercial Director of Maas & Hagoort. In order to [...]

This 2008 study has made an impression worldwide... light in dementia

    Research was conducted on 190 people with dementia in 12 care homes over a period of 3.5 years. They were given an activating light quantity of 1,000 lux vertically during the day until dinner time. I personally find the conclusion, here below on the website of light for later, so fantastic that it is partly the [...]

Recommendations for maintaining healthy routines and rhythms in this difficult Corona time

On the initiative of the Task Force on Chronobiology and Chronotherapy, the ISBD (International Society for Bipolar Disorders) and the SLTBR (The Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms) have jointly issued a statement with recommendations for maintaining healthy routines and rhythms in this day and age. The fear is that as a result of the lapse [...]

Sparckel in the RTL News! A lack of light is bad for your health.

The RTL news of 24 October 2019: Millions of people don't get enough daylight, and that's bad for your health. It's worth a look, because the explanation of our biological clock is clear and good. Despite windows, we get too little light, both in winter, and in summer. We [...]

Sparckel stories from practice, part 8: Working fitter with concentration

  Rob is the partner of journalist Maike Jeuken, who tried out lamp Sparckel for the Good Light Group. He took the opportunity to also work in that 'good light'. For three weeks the lamp shone on his home workplace. What does your workplace look like? Rob: "The cellar in our house was actually [...]