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Dynamic daylight: healthier and more economical than coffee

Dynamic daylight works better than coffee and is cheaper. Count your health benefits.

Most workers drink several cups of coffee a day. Not just for the taste, but mostly to wake up at work in the morning. Or in the afternoon to parry an after lunch dip. 
This sometimes works, but the effect is often short-lived. More often, it does not work, is very limited or even has the opposite effect, for example with employees who sleep badly.
In the worst case, they are further disturbed by coffee consumption. To really wake up and stay awake at work, the use of dynamic daylight is much more effective. 
The table below shows the effects of drinking coffee versus getting a healthy dose of daylight from the Sparckel.
The latter wins with flying colours, not only in terms of energy, concentration and productivity, but also in terms of sleep, vision and mood.
Dynamic daylight works better than coffee
With Sparckel, you stay more awake during the day and sleep better at night. Then you start the next day with more energy. With Sparckel, you keep that energy much longer, even after work.
For dynamic light to be truly effective, the bright white light in the morning and early morning must not only contain the right blue light spectrum, but must also be 3 to 4 times more powerful than normal office lighting. This also helps to counteract visual fatigue that display screen workers often suffer from. Having this Sparckel "sun" on your desk every day also makes employees happier.
That makes you happy, doesn't it?

There is even research on this subject. It found in 21 people that receiving bluish light for 1 hour had a more positive effect on our alertness than 240mg of caffeine, about 3 strong cups of coffee. That alertness was determined to have a higher reaction speed and less cognitive distraction. 

Does this mean that as an employer it is better to invest in dynamic daylight than in new coffee machines? As a matter of fact it does, because the investment in healthy light is much more profitable and pays for itself up to 20 times a day. A small part of that you can still spend on an espresso or cappuccino.
Sparckel costs just €0.50 per working day per person. That is peanuts when you consider what the employees and the organisation get in return.

In short: this lighting intervention is the most sensible investment in the vital health of human capital in companies! 

Would you like to try out Sparckel for a few months in your office? No problem, the Sparckel luminaires can be easily added to your workplace by plugging them in. Take contact with us.

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