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Buy daylight fluorescent lamp?

Do you feel tired, lifeless and sleep poorly during the day? That could be due to a daylight deficiency. A Buy daylight fluorescent lamp may be the solution. But what if you could opt for a stylish, dynamic daylight lamp instead? Sparckel is the innovative daylight lamp that supports your biological clock and ensures you get enough daylight during the day. Sparckel's healthy light has a positive effect on your mood, sleep rhythm and energy levels. In addition, our various lamps also look great in your home, office or workplace. No boring daylight fluorescent lamp, but an atmospheric hanging or standing daylight lamp from Sparckel.

Daylight lamp Sparckel

Do you also suffer from daylight deficiency?

Did you know that most people are light-deficient? That means our eyes do not catch enough daylight during the day, and our biological clock gets confused. Because we spend about 90 per cent of our time indoors, daylight cannot signal our biological clock, and the sleep hormone is activated too early. The result is afternoon dips, loss of concentration and poorer sleep. You are quickly tired during the day and actually lie awake at night.

Make sure your eyes do absorb enough daylight, for example with daylight fluorescent lamps or a daylight lamp of Sparckel, then your sleep hormone is suppressed during the day. The rhythm of your biological clock restores. You are more alert and energetic during the day, and you sleep a lot better at night. And that's good for your health. In fact, too little sleep can lead to a higher risk of brain diseases such as dementia, depression, burn-out, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

More vitality with dynamic daylight lamps

How does Sparckel work?

Sparckel is not just a daylight lamp, but a dynamic daylight lamp. Our lamps simulate the light of a sunny spring day. From bluish morning light to a warm dusk in the evening. Our healthy light follows the rhythm of your biological clock, and can even be adjusted to different seasons. So you get just the right amount of light at the right time of day.

But what counts as 'healthy light'? That has to do with the strength of the light. Outside, daylight has a strength of at least 10,000 lux. In most indoor spaces, the strength of the light is only 500 lux, of which only 250 lux actually reach your eyes. This creates 'biological darkness'. Your biological clock thinks it is already dark, when it is not. That is why Sparckel brings light of at least 1,000 lux directly to your eyes. This is just enough to convince your biological clock that it is day. This amount of extra light gives you up to 12 per cent extra performance in a day. You are sharper and have more energy.

Daylight fluorescent lamp or Sparckel?

Are you looking for daylight fluorescent lamps For your home, office or commercial space? You could also opt for a stylish, dynamic daylight lamp from Sparckel. Check out our collection and discover the different versions. Sparckel is a pioneer in daylight lamps and we are the first company to develop a dynamic daylight lamp. Sparckel is therefore the light that makes you feel alive! Want to know more about Sparckel? Contact us or read more about how it works here.

View our Sunny Susan ceiling light and see what difference enough daylight can make in your home, office or healthcare facility. Want to know more? Contact Us or read more about the effect of daylight on your health here.

Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for your desk, Bright Brenda for the floor and Sunny Susan for the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light everywhere!