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Elsevier science direct publication: quality of sleep improved on people with dementia by Sparckel

<In summary, the Elsevier scientific publication, in "Building and Environment", states that the light from our Sparckel (type Bright Brenda) has a substantially positive influence on people with dementia (at GGzEindhoven).

This involves the following:

- Wandering less at night: decreased from 11 to 5 times a night
- Increased sleep: lying quietly in bed at night increased on average by 77 minutes
- Fewer sleeps during the day: decreased from 16 to 7 times.

A decrease is visible in bed leaves at night and napping during daytime in two biodynamic Sparckel lighting conditions (A1, A2) compared to the normal lighting conditions (B1, B2).

Also important is the amount of light that subjects received and the method of measurement: 1,000 lux measured vertically at eye level (120 cm). This was achieved by placing three Sparckels in a larger living room with 18+ residents on strategically favored places.

Sparckel is extremely proud of these results. This is why we do it. As a company, we want to do even more research in the coming period into the effects of dynamic light on dementia, among other things. Sparckel and GGzE are currently investigating whether dynamic light can reduce distress on people with dementia (coordination disorder).

One of the reasons why we pioneered the healthy aspects of light has to do with previously published research about the effects of simulating daylight on people suffering from dementia. It appeared that the functional limitations of people with dementia can be decelerated with certain types of light.

This publication is a confirmation of our long-standing belief that light has a positive influence on people's health and has strengthened us in developing Sparckel. Also, it confirms our take on healthy lighting... there needs to be substantial bright light power during the day (upto 1.000 lux vertical on the human eye) and easy relaxing light in the evening with sub 2.000 Kelvin.

By varying the design of the luminaire and making the technology freestanding and plug & play, the health aspects can be applied more widely.

Next to helping people with dementia, we see the beneficial effects of Sparckel for all people.

We look forward to sharing these positive effects of light with interested parties, to apply it in practice and in this way to carry out our mission: helping many people with the healthy aspects of light.

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