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Employers, provide light at home

If we have to work from home one or two days a week, we can expect our employer to make sure that the workplace meets all requirements. A decent desk and a good chair, but also good light! At home, we think less about this. There may be some lamps hanging from the ceiling that are meant to make it cosy, but this lighting is never powerful enough to provide sufficient light during the day. So our biological clock is not properly supported either; it needs 4 times more light than the standard 500 lux during the day.

And that standard we just mentioned is not even the standard at home, it is the standard in the office. You can imagine that we have much less light at home than in the office. And even 500 lux is still too little. New insights show that most people need much more light than this standard (Good Light Group, 2021). Just for seeing. And when you get older you need even more light, because our eyes become less sensitive to light (see the diagram below)

So as well as a Sparckel being one of the most important gadgets for a vital home office, there are a few things you can do yourself. Place your desk by a window with the side facing the window, so that you can sometimes stare out yourself! Want to know how much light you have at your workplace? Search for 'luxmeter lm-3000' in the App Store and start measuring!

Light is extremely important for your well-being, sleep, performance and mood. So it's not so crazy to have your manager invest in it! Good for you and good for your employer.

ps. during online meetings, take a good look at how dark many people's faces appear: too little light to work in and non-verbal communication is difficult to perceive, right?

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