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Floor-standing daylight lamp from Sparckel

Loss of concentration, feeling tired in the middle of the day and moodiness. All consequences of a lack of daylight. Are you looking for a floor-standing daylight lamp That can fill your home or office with healthy daylight? Sparckel is the innovative, dynamic daylight lamp that ensures you get enough daylight during the day. At Sparckel, you can get a Buy floor-standing daylight lamp for a positive effect on your energy level, mood and sleep rhythm. A Sparckel will make you feel spring all year round!

Daylight lamp Sparckel

Healthy light

At a time when we spend 90 per cent of our time indoors, most people experience a substantial light deficit. Our biological clock does not get enough daylight, so the sleep hormone already has a chance to become active during the day. Subsequently, you feel sluggish, lifeless or moody. Your biological clock is disrupted, making you feel tired during the day and unable to sleep well at night.

If you do make sure your eyes absorb enough daylight during the day, your sleep hormone is suppressed at the times it is needed. The rhythm of your biological clock restores, and you actually sleep better at night. And that has a positive effect on not only your mood and productivity, but also your health. In fact, poor sleep patterns increase the risk of brain disease, depression, burnout, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Office desks with two floor-standing daylight lamps on the desk

This is how it works

A floor-standing daylight lamp from Sparckel helps you get enough daylight. To signal to your biological clock that it is daytime, your eyes need to capture light with a strength of at least 1,000 lux. Now, the strength of light in most indoor spaces is around 500 lux, with only 250 lux really being captured by your eyes. But with a daylight lamp upright of Sparckel you will definitely reach that 1,000 lux of daylight. That gives you about 12 per cent more performance in a day. You are sharper and have more energy.

In addition, Sparckel's daylight lamps are not just any lamps. In fact, our daylight is dynamic. The light simulates a sunny spring day, from bluish morning light to a warm sunset. The lamp supports your biological clock and provides you with the right amount of daylight at the right time of day. A Sparckel daylight lamp brings spring into your home all year round!

Buy floor-standing daylight lamp

Are you looking for a stylish daylight lamp those standing is? Our daylight lamps come in various designs, including the floor-standing Jolly James and Bright Brenda. Sparckel is the light that makes you feel alive, a daylight lamp developed by pioneers, out of a passion for health and technology. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the positive effects of sufficient daylight. Our lamps can bring an energetic light to your home, office or healthcare facilities. Want to know more? Read more about the effects of Sparckel here, or contact us.

View our Sunny Susan ceiling light and see what difference enough daylight can make in your home, office or healthcare facility. Want to know more? Contact Us or read more about the effect of daylight on your health here.

Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for your desk, Bright Brenda for the floor and Sunny Susan for the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light everywhere!