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Fontys research proves better sleep, less restlessness and favourable behaviour in dementia

Research was carried out by three students at three locations at Zorgboog Helmond and Liessel on the effect of the additional Sparckel light on 48 people with dementia living in intramural small-scale homes.

The conclusion of the three sub-studies is that a positive effect was observed on a variety of resident behaviours.

  1. From the observational study focusing on sleep-wake rhythm
    revealed a significant decrease in daytime sleepiness, and a
    significant increase in alertness during the day and sleep duration at night. 
  2. That observational restlessness study showed a significant decrease in physical non-aggressive behaviour (including general restlessness, repetitive behaviours and aimless wandering).
  3. The third study focused on mood with outcome measures including agitation and apathy. This showed a significant decrease in apathetic behaviour. Apathetic behaviour manifests as lack or decline in emotional response, motivation and engagement.

See the Pdf to the publication here:

Research Unv. Tilburg & Fontys Unv. Appl. Science - Dementia & Biodyn. light - Sparckel Sept. '18

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