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Home worker underestimates the importance of light

RTL editieNL interviews Prof Karin Smolders from TU/e and me on behalf of Sparckel.

It's about not having enough power of light when we work at home.

A house with less than 500 lux is unhealthy, while 1,000 lux is healthy because our biological clock needs it. Attention is also paid to the change in light during the day.

Employers would be wise to pay more attention to this issue, as it promotes the health of the home worker.


This topic was also published on 24 October 2019 by RTL editieNL.

It gives valuable attention to the fact that we suffer from a lack of light at home, which has harmful effects on performance, mood and even cardiovascular disease.

Please take a look at both items:

Working at home in the dark: 'Don't underestimate the importance of light'.

Large proportion of the Dutch population gets too little light: enormous effect on our health

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