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Helping more people through crowd fund IndieGoGo

Better sleep, energy & mood? Get a Sparckel!

Is the title of our campaign. Yes, she's live!

IndieGoGo is a scale-up opportunity for us to reach more people internationally, especially at home.

The quality of our lives is increasingly determined at home. That is where we increasingly work, may care for each other and, above all, enjoy a healthy life together. And, as problems with sleep, lack of energy and gloomy mood are unfortunately on the rise, we want to be able to help precisely at home.

In fact, everyone benefits from more healthy light; it improves your rhythm of sleeping and being awake. Your brain and body benefit with better fitness.

With the launch of this crowdfunding campaign, we are temporarily going to offer our solution a lot cheaper, including to people in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and Germany.

Our English-language pitch:

We have additional explanations on how much light, for how long, is needed to be healthy.

Be welcome here at our Better sleep, energy & mood? Get a Sparckel! IndieGoGo campaign page. 

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