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Science: The Sparckel light in the office is good for our sleep quality and performance.

A major Dutch insurance company has commissioned scientific research into the effect of Sparckel on people's energy levels, ability to recover, alertness, sleep, well-being and visual comfort.

This scientific research was paid for entirely by the client and carried out by Dr Marijke C.M. Gordijn and Dr Marina C. Giménez, affiliated with the University of Groningen via Chrono@Work.

44 Sparckel users took part in the study for six weeks at the end of 2019. They had to complete an online questionnaire four times: two questionnaires in the standard office lighting and two questionnaires in the biodynamic Sparckel light.

With Sparckel, people receive 3 times more light vertically on the eye. This is important because our retina contains spheres that are connected to our biological clock. In addition, the composition of Sparckel light is bluer during the day than regular light, which is why Sparckel is perceived as more activating.

People score significantly higher on sleep quality and also on work performance. The results also show a positive effect on reduced sleepiness and less need for recovery. This means that people have more energy at the end of the working day, which is important for work-life balance. The participants also indicate that they are in a more positive mood.

Last but not least, visual comfort was assessed among 26 study participants. Satisfaction more than doubled with Sparckel. On average, 75% compared to 37%. In particular, there was an increase in satisfaction for working and reading. The majority of people recommend the Sparckel lighting and 70% would like to continue using Sparckel. More than half of the people, prefer to use it all day.

Therefore, the client decided to roll out the Sparckels at two of their sites and let their employees benefit from the Sparckel Effect. The next step is to invite other companies to participate with more people in the same study for a longer period of time. This will produce even stronger results. Will you participate? Please contact Chrono@Work and Sparckel.

We will gladly send you the complete study. Mail us with the subject 'scientific research' or call us on 0408516433.

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