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Sitting is the new smoking? No. Lack of light is the new smoking!

Feeling weak, lifeless and gloomy - that's what a lack of light does to you. In addition to these symptoms, in the long term there is an increased risk of brain disease, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

What does light do to you?

RTL Nieuws explained it like this:
"Light affects a part of the brain for our mood through our eyes. A lack of light makes you feel less good and can lead to depression. Light also affects our biological clock. This is an area of the brain that ensures we can sleep at night and have the energy to function during the day.
If you receive too little light during the day, it disrupts your biological clock. It can cause you to fall asleep less easily or sleep less soundly. And that can ultimately lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes."

But, is a shortage really as bad as smoking?

Light enables us to control our biological clock. We catch light through our eyes and it supports important processes in our body. So do your bowels, liver, spleen, adrenal glands and heart. In short: daylight is valuable for your entire body. And a shortage is disastrous for your whole body. Just like smoking. Just as bad.
Unfortunately, the majority of people suffer from a chronic lack of light. Both in winter and in summer - because the power of light is not nearly as strong indoors as it is outdoors. The result: a biological clock that is in the dark.

What can we do about it?

First of all, we must be aware that healthy light is so important and that light does so much to you. But we have also written a lot of tips for you in this blog.

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