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At work, Sparckel improves productivity and mood. As a result, employees become more vital.

Scientific research by a large insurance company shows a significant positive difference! 44 people received the effects of Sparckel for 9 months, and what did it show? They slept better at night and performed better during the day. Isn't that great? See also our more extensive Blog about this.

Source: Chrono@Work, University of Groningen.

Daylight lamps hanging above the desks in the office Provide employees with more energy

What our customers say

Customers tell us that they feel like going to bed a little earlier in the evening. And that they sleep longer and deeper. So you start the day more rested. You feel more like it! And you get up more. More work comes out of your hands in a shorter time. There is more focus. You have more inspiration for innovation. Your concentration is higher, because your sleep hormone remains low during the day. The dips after lunch and at the end of the afternoon are gone. At the end of a successful day, you still have energy left for home. Your work-life balance increases.

Working at home

The Jolly James is perfect for the home office worker. That workstation suddenly meets well to the occupational health and safety standard of light. And, you invest in the sustainable employability of people.

The best investment is in the health of your employees: +10% performance with dynamic daylight.

A Sparckel pays for itself 5 to 20 times over in the first year! Because your people are so valuable. Save costs and increase turnover, by being less sick and performing more.

You will earn back 5 times the cost of Sparckel per home-based employee. And, even 20 times in the office, because 4 employees together can benefit from 1 Sparckel.

How do you pay back so quickly? 
Through more sustainable employee engagement and productivity.

With highly educated people in the office, a person is quickly worth €85,000 per year to the organisation. In the office, only +0.5% improvement is break-even in the first year, the next 6 years are pure profit.

And, the best part is, you can expect more than 10% improvement! See source in NRC, on previous scientific research by the University of Twente. They call light the number one intervention for better performance in the office:

1. Light The research group was given a "circadian rhythm of light" in its working environment. In the morning, the light was warm (yellowish). This changed in the course of the day to bright white daylight; towards the end of the working day it became warm again. The light was also dimmed, in preparation for the night. These circadian lamps were also mounted lower. They shone slightly more on the face, not in the eyes. The control group kept the 'warm' fluorescent office lighting all day. In the new light, the test subjects thought they performed 18 per cent better, which turned out to be objective +12%.

Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for your desk, Bright Brenda for the floor and Sunny Susan for the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light everywhere!

Existing customers

Louwers IP lawyers, Auping, High Tech Campus, Safety region Fryslan, Thermo Fischer, TU/e, Weebers real estate lawyers, OVG & EDGE tech, Mycronic, Nationale Nederlanden, Evers, iL-projects, Pharmi.

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