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Better sleep, energy and mood with Sparckel!

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  • Maximise your alertness by day
  • The right energy at the right time
  • Easy to use: just plug it in and experience the sunrise indoors
  • Sparckel is scientifically proven: more sleep & better performance
  • Avoid depression: daylight helps you live happier!

Dynamic daylight

Sparckel is dynamic daylight. That means you plug it in and then enjoy the sun all day long, but inside. You get the right light automatically, but it can also be controlled with our control ring. A positive effect on your energy level, your mood and your sleeping behaviour. With all the consequences! Read more about how it works here.

How does Sparckel ensure sufficient light?

Professional technology in a recognisable shape. Sparckel strikes a balance between many efficient LEDs with high power and good colour properties, with reliable cooling, an optically favourable light distribution and a simple operating ring. All with the aim of making our biological clock more synchronous with nature. Read more about how it works here.

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Jolly James

Jolly James is designed to sit on your table and desk. It can be ordered in black and white for €1975 (incl. VAT).

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Sunny Susan

Sunny Susan is designed for the ceiling. It can be ordered in black and white for €1975 (incl. VAT). 

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Bright Brenda

Bright Brenda is designed as a floor lamp. It can be ordered in black and white for €2150 (incl. VAT).

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Comments from our customers

Weebers Real Estate Lawyers Eindhoven
Weebers Real Estate Lawyers EindhovenHanneke van Gorp
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I really like the light of Sparckel and I notice the difference when the light is not on. Then I miss it. Sparckel really supports. When you're going through a rough patch, the light helps you boost your energy levels. Sparckel provides support just when you need it.
Project developer EDGE Technologies Amsterdam
Project developer EDGE Technologies AmsterdamVivian van Kesteren
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I notice that I feel mentally fitter and clearer in my head, so that I can get more work done. My colleagues also notice a real difference in the light level with the bluish light. The curve of Sparckel means that we can work longer and more focused at the end of the afternoon.
HTCE Site Management Eindhoven
HTCE Site Management EindhovenIngelou Stol
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In the Marketing & Communications team at HTCE Site Management, we have the 'Bright Brenda' lamp in our office. We notice that we feel better when the lamp is on. We no longer have any dips throughout the day. Sparckel definitely has a positive influence on people's energy levels.
Zuyderland Glana Geleen
Zuyderland Glana GeleenAnnemiek Baggen
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We have made observations to measure the effects of the Sparckels. We have noticed several positive changes since the use of Sparckel. In general, we have noticed that our clients are more friendly, approachable and energetic. We have noticed that our clients are sleeping better.
Company report Sparckel
Company report Sparckel RTL Z
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RTL Z made a company report about Sparckel.

You can view it here: Reportage RTL Z

Frequently asked questions

No, Sparckel is more than that. Because you easily receive the Sparckel light for 6 hours a day as opposed to 30 minutes of therapy light, Sparckel is 12 times more effective. We have a different philosophy: prevention is better than cure.
In terms of design, Sparckel has no medical appearance and can be left on all day. The light comes from above, and the light adjusts itself, just like a standard sunny day. This makes Sparckel an integral part of our daily lives.
Usually not... Working near a window is certainly healthier because you have more contact with the outside world. However, the amount of light decreases quickly, which means that your biological clock is still not adequately controlled. That is roughly already at 1.5 metres from a window.
In addition, the weather in the Netherlands is often poor, which does not help with the incidence of natural light. So Sparckel certainly has a sense and effect, even if you are sitting by the window.

Outdoors, 10,000 to 100,000 lux is quickly on your eyes. Indoors, the standard is 500 lux, and only 250 lux reaches the eyes. This creates 'biological darkness', even though we can see. With Sparckel, we are making towards 1,000 lux on your eyes. We know from science and the latest expert opinions that this quantity of light does stimulate our biological clock in the morning and afternoon.

In the evening, there is little warm light outside, which makes Sparckel.

The formula of healthy light is the subject of more scientific research. We have developed our design scientifically to the best of our knowledge, also from practice by listening to people. The following aspects are important:
- the amount of light (#lux on the eye),
- the composition of light (a peak around 465Nm),
- a full spectrum (colour rendering Ra >80),
- the change of spectrum by day (from 4,800 to 1,800 kelvin),
- the angle of incidence of light (oblique from the front and from above),
- and the duration of exposure (4 hours per day, at least 30 minutes in the morning).
Yes to see, but that is usually too little for our biological clock. 500 lux at our desk is roughly four times too little light for 'our eyes to think and feel as if we were outside'.
To see, the cones and rods in our retina work. However, since 2002, we know what our ganglion cells do, which is our third receptor in the retina. In many indoor light conditions, these ganglion cells do nothing and are insufficiently or not stimulated. Our sleep hormone gets the chance to rise during the day. As a result, you have less energy and you are not alert.
If you add extra light at certain times of the day, such as in the morning and early afternoon, of around 470Nm, the ganglion cells will be stimulated. The amount of light must be at least 600 lux on the eye, preferably around 1,000 lux, to be effective. Then your sleep hormone is suppressed and you are substantially more alert.

The mechanism in the brain responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm is called the biological clock. This mechanism is located in a core area in the hypothalamus called the nucleus suprachiasmaticus. Light striking the retina of the eyes is transmitted via special ganglion cells to the hypothalamus and from there to the suprachiasmatic nucleus. These ganglion cells contain the light-sensitive pigment melanopsin. The suprachiasmatic nucleus regulates the rhythm of wake-sleep by stimulating other brain areas such as the epiphysis (pineal gland). The epiphysis produces the hormone melatonin, which influences the sleep-wake rhythm.

By receiving more daylight, the biological clock is controlled via spheres in the retina of our human eye. By doing so, we suppress our sleep hormone melatonin during the day and we are on edge, full of energy. The more we suppress that sleep hormone during the day, the better it rises in the evening in preparation for a good night's sleep. We then sleep deeper and longer, to start the next day well rested with extra energy.
And, by stimulating the spheres in our retina with light at the right time, we regulate our stress hormone cortisol and our sleep hormone melatonin in a better balance, via our biological clock. On balance, our mood and mental condition improve.

Believe us and know that even then more daylight will make a substantial difference. Compare it to top-class sport. Daylight gives you up to 12% percent extra performance, enough to successfully respond to changing challenging conditions at work.

No, Sparckel has all special Led integrated on a circuit board. These cannot be replaced.

The clock function is integrated. Even when the plug is not in the socket, the clock continues to run, summer and winter time included. There is even a seasonal clock that, based on geo-location (longitude and latitude), knows to the minute what time the sun rises and sets. We can adjust our light scene accordingly. In winter, the activating part of the light rises later and sets earlier.

Yes, we can turn it on. There is a seasonal clock that knows exactly what time the sun rises and sets based on geo-location (longitude and latitude). We can adjust our light scenes accordingly. In winter, the activating part of the light rises later and sets earlier.

The expected technical lifetime is easily 7 years with regular use. To achieve this, we use our aluminium lampshade with light slots to keep the LEDs well cool.

Two years full warranty, provided normal use. See also our general terms and conditions.

We can extend the standard 2-year warranty to 5 years at a charge of €75 ex VAT.

Yes, you can. Try to be outside as much as possible, also during work, for example at lunch time. Not only get a breath of fresh air, but also a light.

Yes, for business customers (work & care) we have operational lease & rent-to-own options. You indicate how many years you want to experience the healthy light and pay a monthly fee. 

No, Sparckel makes much more light. The light output of those regular smart lights is insufficient at 800 lumens for our biological clock during the day. Sparckel makes up to 10 times more light and it is well designed both optically and in terms of cooling.

The smart lights use so-called RGB LEDs. We are mainly in the full white spectrum.

In addition, we have integrated special healthy lighting scenes based on scientific findings and feedback from existing customers.

Daylight lamp in office on desk gives daylight inside to employees
Floor, table and ceiling floor-standing daylight lamps in the office

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