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Sparckel stories from the field. Part 6: Sparckel boosts the energy and concentration of the Pharmi start-up team.

What does the biodynamic light of a Sparckel do for people? It is a question we are often asked. So we asked our clients. Every month, you can read a real-life story on our website. Below you can read Mila's story. Mila is a product developer at the young start-up Pharmi on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

Pharmi develops and facilitates digital pharmaceutical care solutions. For example Pharmi Digital Care CoachPharmi is an online app for phone or tablet that guides and informs users of medicines. Pharmi Digitale Zorgcoach is a digital pharmacist who ensures that people have a better understanding of the medicine they have been given and how they can use it optimally. This leads to the best results with the fewest side effects.

Problem statement

Pharmi is a young start-up that works hard on innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical sector. The people of Pharmi work with energy and drive on the development of digital healthcare solutions. Start-ups often still need to discover and figure out a lot themselves. Structures have yet to take shape and hectic activity is therefore often the order of the day. In such a dynamic environment, it is of great importance that employees keep their energy balance in good order. One of the factors that can contribute to this is the use of biodynamic light. For this reason, Sparckel installed the Jolly James table lamp in Pharmi's office. Product developer Mila regularly works under the light of the Jolly James.

The effects of Sparckel

When Mila was asked about her experiences with the Sparckel, she responded enthusiastically: "We are very happy with our Jolly James. The Sparckel is on my desk and I notice that I have more energy and can concentrate for longer. An additional advantage is the beneficial effect that the light has on my migraine. Since the arrival of the Sparckel, I really suffer less from migraines.

Mila concludes: "I am very satisfied with Sparckel. Thanks to the Sparckel lamp I no longer have to sit in the dark to reduce the risk of migraine. That is a real gain for me.

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