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Sparckel stories. Part 2: Sparckel helps elderly people with non-congenital brain injury.

What does the biodynamic light of a Sparckel do for people? It is a question we are often asked. So we asked our customers. Each month, you will read a real-life story. Below is the story of Annemiek Baggen. Annemiek is unit manager of Zuyderland Glana in Geleen.

Zuyderland Glana Geleen provides intensive care and treatment to clients. We installed two Sunny Sam's and two Bright Brenda's at a small-scale living facility of Zuyderland, in a home where clients with non-congenital brain defects are cared for. Annemiek's conclusion: "We are simply very enthusiastic because the Sparckel light has a noticeably positive impact on our clients. These are clients who have to deal with serious problems on a daily basis.

Problem statement

At Zuyderland Glana, the well-being of the clients comes first. Annemiek says: 'As an organisation, we stand for small teams that feel responsible for the six clients in the home. The living and life of the client is central. The way in which the client wants to live and reside must be paramount. By living, we mean living in a house, together with other clients. There is attention and time for the client. A client's family, carers and friends remain involved in the client's care and life. There is a homely atmosphere and small-scale living is experienced as pleasant by our clients, family and staff.

As a result of brain damage, our clients change substantially in their behaviour. This is difficult for their families and surroundings. Behavioural problems often occur. Gloominess also plays a role, especially in winter. The curtains are often closed, because the reflection in the window causes unease. The regular light is not good. This in turn has a negative influence on the mood.

The effects of Sparckel

When we ask Annemiek about their experiences with Sparckel, she responds enthusiastically: "We have made observations in order to measure the effects of the Sparckels. We have noticed several positive changes since using Sparckel. The mood of two clients has improved noticeably. The first client suffered from low energy, stopped talking and stayed in bed a lot. This client has now blossomed, he talks again and has energy. The second client showed serious behavioural problems, which manifested themselves in verbal agitation. Since using the Sparckel, among other things, the mood of this client has improved. The client is now friendly and calm, and verbal agitation no longer occurs. For two other clients, the light therapy that they previously needed is now no longer necessary.

In general, we notice that our clients are more friendly, approachable and energetic. We notice that our clients sleep better.

Some staff members had to get used to the amount of light produced by the Sparckel, while others found it extremely pleasant and enjoyable. We want to investigate further whether Sparckel can have a positive effect on the use of medication. We believe that this is also a valuable effect of the Sparckel's biodynamic light.

Annemiek concludes: "We are just very excited because the Sparckel light has a noticeable positive impact on our clients".

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