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Sparckel stories from the field. Part 5: Vitalising office work with the Sparckel

What does the biodynamic light of a Sparckel do for people? It is a question we are often asked. So we asked our customers. Every month, you can read a real-life story on our website. Below is the story of Ingelou Stol. Ingelou is Communication Manager at HTCE Site Management in Eindhoven.

HTCE Site Management manages the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and helps companies to accelerate their innovations through access to high tech facilities and an international network. Ingelou's conclusion: 'Thanks to this biodynamic lamp, we feel more vital at work, which is great!

Problem statementVitality is an important theme at HTCE Site Management. The aim of the High Tech Campus is to be a 'Great Place to Work'. A place where you can work, but where you can also relax. Throughout the year we organise various sports activities, pub quizzes, career events and inspiring keynotes. An inspired employee who feels good about himself performs best. Vitality and feeling fit and energetic at work is sometimes a challenge. HTCE Site Management tries to help companies with that.

The effects of Sparckel When we ask Ingelou about her experiences with Sparckel, she responds enthusiastically: "In the Marketing & Communication team of the HTCE Site Management, we have the 'Bright Brenda' lamp in our office. We were very curious, because how much difference can one lamp make? A lot! We notice that we feel better when the lamp is on. We no longer have any dip during the day. Superfine!

Ingelou continues: Sparckel definitely has a positive effect on people's energy levels. There are three of us in the office and we all notice the results. The other day it was around six o'clock and I looked at my colleague and said: 'Pff, I'm quite tired'. My colleague said: "Me too!". At that moment we both looked at the lamp...it wasn't on today. Wow, so that lamp really makes a huge difference for us.'

Ingelou concludes: 'Thanks to this biodynamic lamp, we feel more vital at work, which is great!

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