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Sparckelelling stories from the field. Part 1: An increased level of performance in the office

What does the biodynamic light of Sparckel do for people? It is a question we are often asked. So we asked our clients. Each month on our website you can read a real life story. Below you can read the story of Hanneke van Gorp. Hanneke is a personal assistant at Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten in Eindhoven.

Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten provides legal assistance to clients in the property sector. Cooperation is key. Weebers stands for building and maintaining long-term relationships with its clients in order to achieve the best results together.

We installed three Sparckel units in the office of Hanneke and her colleagues. Hanneke's conclusion: 'Sparckel helps us perform better when we need it. Sparckel really helps.

Problem statement

At Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten they are regularly faced with a high workload. Staying vital and energetic is then sometimes a challenge. Hanneke says: 'When the workload increases, the atmosphere becomes serious and ambitious. We don't have a 9 to 5 mentality here. We are flexible and driven to achieve great things together.

The effects of Sparckel

When we asked Hanneke about her experiences with Sparckel, she responded enthusiastically: "I really like the light of Sparckel and I notice the difference when the light is not on. Then I miss it. Sparckel really helps. When you're going through a rough patch, the light helps you boost your energy levels. We have ordered extra Sparckels several times because we really like it together.

Hanneke continues: Sparckel provides support when you need it. Usually around lunchtime. We have then been outside for a while. When we got back inside, I felt like I was missing some energy, and that's when Sparckel is extra nice.

Hanneke concludes: 'Sparckel helps us perform better when we need it'.

Note: Measurements at Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten indicate that the light level inside thanks to Sparckel is no less than 900 lux. This is 4 times higher than in the baseline measurement.

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