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Sparckelelling stories from the field. Part 4: Delivering peak performance in the office

Delivering peak performance in the office with improved energy levels through Sparckel

What does the biodynamic light of Sparckel do for people? It is a question we are often asked. So we asked our clients. Each month on our website you can read a real-life story. Below you can read Vivian van Kesteren's story. Vivian works at EDGE Technologies in Amsterdam.

Property developer EDGE Technologies puts people's lives at the heart of building development. Their approach is based on the pursuit of a healthier world. For example, they strive to reduce greenhouse gases and material wastage to zero. EDGE develops buildings hollistically and gives ample room to the creativity and innovation of residents and users.

The approach of EDGE Technologies is based on four pillars: well-being, sustainability, design and technology. These pillars are woven into the blueprint for building development used by EDGE Technologies, which ensures the exceptional quality of the projects they complete.

We placed thirteen Sparckel type Bright Brenda and Jolly James in the office of Vivian and her colleagues. Vivian's conclusion: 'My performance engine runs better with Sparckel on'.

Problem statement

At EDGE Technologies, employees are ambitious and focused on their work. The team likes to deliver top performance without losing their work-life balance. EDGE Technologies is committed to a sustainable high performance level and wants to invest in a healthy work environment for their people.

The effects of Sparckel

When we asked Vivian about her experiences with Sparckel, she responded enthusiastically: "I notice that I feel mentally fitter and more clear-headed, so that I can get more work done. My colleagues also notice a real difference in the light level with the bluish light. The curve of Sparckel means that we can work longer and more focused at the end of the afternoon.

I have noticed that more and more of my colleagues have their light on at the higher energy level. When we had to do without Sparckel after the trial period, the light was really missed. Sparckel has helped me, during my recovery period, to be able to tolerate more light and feel fitter, and that has been beneficial for my recovery.

Vivian concludes: "You are more 'on' with Sparckel and can work faster and with better focus. I said to a colleague the other day: "My performance engine runs better with Sparckel on.

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