For the ceiling, in black and white.

Meet Sunny Susan


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Designed for ceiling mounting, Sunny Susan's 1,000 lux vertical light will make you more productive at work, happier and sleep much better at night. 

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For every interior

The high-quality design of Sunny Susan ensures that this model fits into any interior and on any ceiling. Rounded corners, the best quality and a solid look & feel ensure a luxurious appearance.

Healthy light inside

Sparckel is not just a daylight lamp, but a biodynamic one. This means that Sparckel ensures that you get the right amount of light at all times of the day. This is essential at a time when we spend more time indoors than out. 

How it works

Sparckel is dynamic daylight. That means that you plug it in and then enjoy the sun all day long, but inside. But you can also operate it yourself using the control ring. A positive effect on your energy level, your mood and your sleeping behaviour. With all the consequences!

Technical Specifications

From elegant adjustable wires hangs Sunny Susan. Preferably, it hangs at a height of 2 metres. This keeps the emitted light sufficiently strong and the control is always nearby. Indeed, this control ring is located at the bottom near the shade. It is available in serene matt white or tough matt black. Sunny Susan has its healthy lighting technology in the form of a designer lamp.

It has six LED groups that are controlled by time. So there is a clock in it that 'tells' the LEDs when to emit their light. So there is activating cold white light, normal warm white light and atmospheric amber light. In addition to direct light, the light is also diffused indirectly via the ceiling. This gives better light distribution which is more pleasant for our eyes. The LEDs are high-quality and energy-efficient.

The dynamic daylight goes 'naturally' from a morning light, to an activating afternoon light to increasingly calm and atmospheric light in the evening.

 1.This light-transmitting shield has a hole pattern for cooling. Together with the indirect light, this makes a sparkling pattern on the ceiling. 

2.This all-aluminium hood makes Sparckel reliable, as there is an airflow that keeps the electronics cool. 

3.The PCB has LEDs that shine upwards and downwards. Together, they have up to 6,500 lumens of serious LED power. With a total of six LED groups, there is a wide ranging spectrum from 6,500 to 1,800 Kelvin. All intelligence is integrated Plug & Play: via proper cooperation of LED drivers, storage, microprocessor, clock function and software, light scenes play themselves out automatically. 

4.The high-end shielding has nanotechnology tiny spheres. These are woven into the 'milk-glass-like' plate. This refracts the light several times, giving an optimal diffuse light image. Pleasant and comfortable for our eyes. 

  1. Off button
  2. Daylight rhythm (automatic)
  3. Activating morning light
  4. Additional activating afternoon light
  5. Relaxing evening light
  6. Extra relaxing evening light
  7. Daylight rhythm demonstration
Specification itemValue
Volt range input for power supply (SELV)220-240 VAC
Volt range output power supply for lighting system24 VDC (5A)
Frequency Range50/60 Hz
Power PMax 76.2 watts
Power Factor0.97
EU 2013 Energy label classificationA

Dimension mm
Length (L) 400-1.500
Hood diameter (DK) 385
Hood height (HK) 110
Ceiling lid diameter (DP) 300
Ceiling lid height (HP) 60
Control ring height (HB) ceiling height - (L)
Weight incl. power supply 8 kg
Recommended height HB from floor 1.950-2.000
Specification itemValue
Colour temperature range1.800 - 6.500 K
Beam angle360°
Luminous flux*5,450 lumens (source 6,500 lumens)
Luminous efficacy*72 lm/W (source 85 lm/W)
Light distribution indirect/direct0,35/0,65
Colour rendering index (CRI_Ra)>95 (R9 > 85)
TM30-15 Rf90
MDER (Melanopic Daylight Effect Ratio)**0.743

*Measured output of luminaire, this is lower output than source due to use of diffuser for visual comfort.

** The MDER indicates how effective a lamp is in activating the human biological clock (so-called non-visual aspects of light) compared to daylight. The higher the MDER, the more the light source will activate the human biological clock at the same amount of photopic lux.

The LEDs are specifically chosen for their properties to best approximate the colour composition of the sun, with a blue peak around 480 nanometres to thus excite your biological clock at the right time. Eulumdat files available to lighting designers. 


Light as a service

We are striving for a more vital Netherlands and light is a major player in this. That is why we offer Sparckel as a service. For as little as €10 per person per month, you can have a Sparckel on your work floor. For yourself, your colleagues or your clients! Please contact us for more information.