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The Workplace Vitality Hub is the hotspot for research into vitality in the workplace.

The faces of the Workplace Vitalilty Hub include Marieke van Beurden and Sywert Brongersma. They coordinate the experiments carried out in the Hub. They also give tours to bring interested parties up to date on new insights and techniques that can be used to increase people's vitality. Bringing different partners together is key.

The need for vitality is clear. Sustainable employability of people is under pressure with rising figures for work-related illnesses that unfortunately lead to more people not being fully employable. This calls for insights into stress and illness and especially how we can proactively reduce them.

The built environment is not only there to save energy, but above all to serve people optimally in a healthy, inspiring and fun workplace. To serve people optimally in order to be successful and healthy.

A bright and energetic workplace requires positive energy. Light is energy, and human biology is sensitive to it. Through hormones, it influences how awake we are, whether we are in a good mood and whether we sleep well at night. That is why the dynamic daylight of Sparckel is part of the Workplace Vitlty Hub.

imec TNO TU/e Twice High Tech Campus

Vitality research is carried out by renowned partners as shown in the picture: Fontys, IMEC, TNO, TU/e, Twice and High Tech Campus. An ecosystem of thought that together focuses on people's quality of life through knowledge and new insights.

You are welcome to experience and listen to these new insights.

The address is High Tech Campus 85 in Eindhoven.

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