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Increase the vitality of your business with Sparckel

A vital company is characterised by employees feeling fit, well-humoured and focused. So how can you ensure that employees feel good at work? Daylight is a still often unknown but hugely important factor in this. Sufficient daylight has a positive effect on your energy level, mood and concentration level. With a dynamic daylight lamp from Sparckel, you can make your company help with the vitality of your colleagues. Sparckel has several types of stylish daylight lamps to suit any workplace.

Daylight lamp in office on desk gives daylight inside to employees

What does a daylight deficiency do?

Did you know that most people suffer from a severe lack of daylight? Nowadays, we spend more time inside than outside, especially when we are at work. About 90 per cent of the day takes place indoors. If your eyes don't catch enough daylight, your biological clock gets confused. The body does not understand that it is daytime. The sleep hormone is then activated too early, leaving you feeling sleepy, sluggish and moody in the middle of the day. Your concentration level also has to suffer, and is very low with too little daylight. Not useful in the workplace, in other words.

For a successful working day, it is important to have an optimal and vital working environment. You can improve the vitality yours increase business with good daylight lamps from Sparckel. With sufficient daylight in the workspace, you and your colleagues benefit from better concentration, more energy and more sharpness. In addition, sufficient daylight has positive effects on your health. With sufficient daylight during the day, you sleep better at night, for example. And a good sleep rhythm is enormously important in preventing brain diseases such as dementia, depression, burn-out, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. So in addition to improving daytime productivity, sufficient daylight can also contribute to good health. So you can improve your company help with the vitality of its employees.

Floor-standing daylight lamp Bright Brenda in the office

This is how Sparckel helps

The Sparckel daylight lamps are designed to ensure that with 1 Sparckel for 2 to 4 workstations, the room is provided with sufficient daylight throughout the day. This is due to the colour and strength of the Sparckel light. Sparckel simulates a sunny spring day. That means the lamp changes with the rhythm of the day. From bluish morning light to a warm sunset later in the day. Our lamps follow the rhythm of your biological clock and the rhythm can even be adjusted to different seasons. At the right time of day, you get the right amount of light. So you can bring a spring feeling into your office all year round.

But how does Sparckel do this? Outdoors, daylight has a strength of 10,000 to as much as 100,000 lux. In most indoor spaces, the strength of light is around 500 lux and only 250 lux of that reaches your eyes. Sparckel brings as much as 1,000 lux to your eyes, which is enough for your biological clock to understand that it is daytime. This amount of extra daylight gives you up to 12 per cent extra performance in a day. This has been proven by scientific research by University of Twente at commissioned CBRE.

Sparckel for a vital business

Do you want to buy daylight lamps for a vital company? Sparckel's daylight lamps come in a variety of designs and look stylish in any workspace. Browse our collection and see what the Sparckel daylight lamps can do for your company in terms of vitaliteit. Our lamps can also be rented. Want to know more? Contact us or read more about our lamps here.

Do you want to biodynamic lighting buy? View our collection or contact us for more information. Would you like to know more about dynamic daylight? Read how it works here.

Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for your desk, Bright Brenda for the floor and Sunny Susan for the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light everywhere!