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Vitality management with a daylight lamp

Are you concerned with the management of the vitality within your company? And are you looking for an effective way to boost that vitality? Daylight is a major, yet often unknown factor on the vitality of a working environment. By increasing the amount of daylight in a room, you and your colleagues can benefit from a positive effect on mood, energy levels and concentration. This keeps your employees sharp and improves work performance.

Lighting with daylight lamps in the office

Fight loss of concentration

Lack of daylight is a common problem. This is because, especially when we work, we spend most of the day indoors. Our eyes do not catch enough daylight, which disrupts the biological clock. As a result, the sleep hormone already has a chance to become active during the day. This leads to loss of concentration, daytime sleepiness and, on the contrary, poor sleep. Besides work performance, a lack of light also affects health. Indeed, poor or too little sleep can increase the risk of brain diseases such as dementia, depression, burnout, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Part of vitality management in the workplace can be: making sure employees get enough daylight. If your eyes catch enough daylight, the rhythm of your biological clock is restored. You sleep better at night and therefore don't suddenly become sleepy in the middle of the day. You are sharper and have more energy. So you can get about 12 per cent extra performance out of your working day.

How does Sparckel help?

Sparckel's daylight lamps can help with the management of the vitality within a company. Our lamps ensure that your eyes absorb enough daylight so that the biological clock understands that it is daytime. This has to do with the light strength of the lamp. In most indoor spaces, the strength of the light is around 500 lux and only 250 lux of that reaches your eyes. You can then see a little, but despite this, 'biological darkness' occurs. Your biological clock thinks it is dark and your sleep hormone is activated.

Sparckel's lamps ensure that at least 1,000 lux of light hits your eyes. That is just enough to restore the rhythm of your biological clock. Besides, it is a big improvement over those 250 lux at all. This extra amount of daylight provides that 12 per cent extra performance that can be achieved in a day. Your sleep hormone is suppressed until it is actually time to go to bed.

Sparckel ensures that you and your employees get the right amount of daylight at the right time of day throughout the day. This is because Sparckel is a dynamic daylight lamp. This means that the lamp simulates the rhythm of a sunny spring day, thus supporting your biological clock. From bluish light in the morning to a warm sunset, the light follows an entire day.

Vitality management with Sparckel

So are you thinking about getting your vitality management give a push with a daylight lamp? Daylight lamps from Sparckel work effectively and also look stylish in any workplace. Browse our collection of standing, hanging and desk lamps and choose the daylight lamp that can help with the vitality management of your business. We also offer options to rent our lamps. Want to know more? Contact us or read more about Sparckel here.

Do you want to biodynamic lighting buy? View our collection or contact us for more information. Would you like to know more about dynamic daylight? Read how it works here.

Something for everyone

We have three models. Jolly James is for your desk, Bright Brenda for the floor and Sunny Susan for the ceiling. So you can enjoy healthy light everywhere!