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Ever heard of summer blues!

Secretly, many people seriously suffer from it. Your mood is strongly influenced by the weather, and we know this from winter blues: a gloomy mood caused by a structural lack of light. But there is also such a thing as summer blues. 

A common problem for your sleeping so mood. Crazy huh! Read on quickly!

Here's the thing; most people work in an office during the day and unfortunately do a light deficit there. With that, you kind of fall asleep during the day. Whereas in the evening, with summer time, we have extra long light. In the evening, with that much outside light, we then wake up a lot more. So that's just before bedtime... This timing is not natural and unhealthy for our bodies.

And, do you also recognise enjoying summer evenings that make you go to bed a bit later? This in itself is not a problem, if you would then sleep in a bit longer in the morning. However, this is where the problem gets worse! Chances are that you will be woken up early by morning light shining through or past your curtains. The sun rises as early as 5:30 a.m..... Of course, that's way too early. Especially if you didn't go to sleep until after 11pm. So, on balance, you could be sleep deprived. Because, catching only 6 hours of sleep a night in summer is too little. We know that 8 hours of sleep is much healthier for you. So, that nice summer sun can just trigger a problem that most people don't know about. Getting enough sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Because it affects your energy during the day and also your mood negatively, read depression or the blues

The solution is twofold and actually quite simple. One: invest in darkness with good curtains to create darkness in your bedroom at night so that you can rest long and deep. Two: make sure you grab much more light during the day than is standard in the office. That is; invest in good light that is powerful and dynamic, responding to the rhythm of being sufficiently awake during the day. The joke is that this also helps you sleep longer and deeper at night. This has to do with hormones like melatonin and cortisol demanding timing: nice and bright during the day, darkness at night. So the summer blues are the opposite of what you would expect during summer. You can get serious health problems from receiving lots of sunlight at the wrong time.

One of our credos: Feel alive by enjoying the sun & darkness at the right time!

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