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With a Sparckel on your desk, Apple measures healthy outdoor light.

Measuring indoor light with the Apple Watch

Excitedly energetic, we are together at the workplace vitality hub in Eindhoven. Because, Fabienne and I spent an hour there working together at a desk where there is also a Sparckel nearby. Fabienne wears the latest Apple Watch and it measures the power of light for health reasons. Apple's explanation is that this can have a positive relationship on your sleep quality and mood.

It was exciting for a while to find out if that Watch would do its measurement based on luminosity alone. It turns out being in a building doesn't prevent that outdoor light measurement, thankfully. Because yep, after about 15 minutes, the statements Apple generates show about 5,000+ lux inside every 5 minutes or so, and that's a really nice number to explain.

Lux measurement explained

Usually in a room, there is only about 500 lux, just enough to see properly. In that room, there is a decent window and lighting in the ceiling, however, that is not enough to achieve outside light levels of luminosity.

The picture shows us working a few metres away from the window with a Sparckel on the desk simulating a sunny day, boosting the power of light. Outside light is in the thousands of lux and the Sparckel is designed to make towards 1,000 lux on the eye. In fact, that's where a sort of ON/OFF switch for your activity and sleep is located. That there are measurements on Fabienne's Apple Watch that show around 5,000 lux is super! Because you can expect that's going to have a positive effect on sleep quality and mood. So working indoors in the Sparckel light is beneficial, Apple's measurement show.

This has only been a one-off measurement and not an official survey. And yet we think it is very valuable that this measurement has taken place. Because it raises awareness. And, of course, it's not so nice that people who want to get the best out of themselves with an Apple watch find out that they are light-deficient indoors... But how nice that there is now a solution to that? Simply place a Sparckel on your desk To receive 100% your dose of healthy light.

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